Dec 04, 2008

Crimean Tatars: Aqmescit Anniversary Grows Near

Sample ImageCelebrations of the founding of Aqmescit, the capital of the Crimea for 225 years, are underway with projects to restore key buildings. 

Below is an article published by World Bulletin: 

Crimeans will construct two water conduits, restore two national historic landmarks in Aqmescit to prepare for celebration of 225th Anniversary of Aqmescit. 

QHA [Crimean News Agency] said that the Cabinet of Ministries of Ukraine approved the plan of measures for celebration.  

According to its information, the Ukrainian Government has planned to allocate 16,511 mln hryvnyas from the state budget for preparation of the Simferopil Day. 

Under the governmental resolution, two water conduits will be constructed, two national historic landmarks in Aqmescit (Simferopil) will be restored, the cars for disabled persons will be bought, etc. at the expense of the state.  

According to the press-cutting service, the membership of the organizing committee on 225th Anniversary of Simferopil composed of 19 representatives of the Crimean and Ukrainian governmental agencies and the city administration was approved by this resolution of the CMU.  

City of Aqmescit (City of White Mosque) was founded about 500 years ago. Aqmescit was as residence of the 'Qalğa sultan' or Crown Prince in the Crimean Khanate. The building of 'Kebir cami' or White mosque by name that the city was named remains to this day.  

500th Anniversary of the Kebir cami will be celebrated widely this year. The city was renamed as Simferopil after annexation of the Crimean state by the Russian Empire in 1783. Thus, the local authority together the Ukrainian government intend to celebrate essentially renaming of the old Crimean Tatar city as the sign of the Russian occupation.