Dec 02, 2008

Assyria: MEP Condemns Violence Against Iraqi Minority

Active ImageThe difficult situation of Iraq’s non Muslim minority has been highlighted in the European Parliament.
Below is an article published by the Assyrian International News Agency:

The European Parliament conference titled "Assyrians in Iraq", held in June this year [2008], marked a starting point for increasing awareness about the problems encountered in Iraq for a non Muslim minority as the Assyrians.

The conference was organized by Member of the European Parliament Esther de Lange from the European Peoples Party-European Democrats (EPP-ED), which is the largest parliamentary group in the EU. The Assyria Council of Europe, a Brussels based advocacy group, was also involved in the conference.

In her opening remarks in the conference booklet published recently, Esther de Lange writes:
"The European Parliament has repeatedly condemned acts of violence against the Assyrians, and has asked for the protection of Assyrians and other minorities in Iraq and in neighbouring countries. However, in my view, the Assyrians' difficult situation unfortunately remains too often overlooked. I hope that, by hosting this event, a step has been made in putting the situation of the Assyrians more firmly on the European agenda."
Click here to read the conference booklet.