Dec 02, 2008

Somaliland: Leader Blames Attacks On ‘Foreigners’

Active ImageRiyale intends to introduce anti-terror bill to parliament soon.
Below is an article published by the Garowe Online:

The leader of Somalia's  […] republic of Somaliland told a Sunday [30 November 2008] press conference in the region's capital Hargeisa that 'foreigners' are responsible for the recent terror attacks.
Mr. Dahir Riyale, the Somaliland leader, said the October 29 [2008] suicide bombings that killed at least 20 people in Hargeisa was not the first attack against Somaliland.
"We will establish an anti-terror unit and introduce anti-terror bill to parliament soon," President Riyale said.
Voter registration
The voter-registration process resum[ed] at 337 locations in Hargeisa on Monday [1 December 2008], according to President Riyale.
The Somaliland leader noted that the suicide car bombings that targeted the presidential compound, UN offices and the Ethiopian trade office in Hargeisa were timed with the voter-registration process.
Because of the attacks, the process was postponed on two separate occasions by the Somaliland Election Commission.
Mr. Riyale said the Somaliland administration sent a ministerial-level delegation to Kenya to discuss with UN officials a recent decision to downgrade Somaliland's security-level following the terror attacks in Hargeisa.