Nov 21, 2008

Afrikaner: Complaint on Racism

Active ImageComments from the National Assembly Sport and Recreation Committee spark criticism.


Below is an article published by Springboks:

The Freedom Front Plus will on Thursday [27 November 2008] submit a complaint about National Assembly sports and recreation committee chairman Butana Komphela's "racist" comments about rugby.

Komphela and his deputy Cedric Frolick had in recent months been making a number of controversial and racists comments, said FFPlus spokesperson on sports and recreation Willie Spies, ahead of submitting a letter to National Assembly Speaker Gwen Mahlangu-Nkabinde.

"In the latest storm, Frolick and Komphela branded rugby as a 'sport for criminals' and threatened to see to it that all the big cities' stadiums are taken away from rugby," he said in a statement.

The two MPs had clearly overstepped the mark and their behaviour no longer enjoyed parliamentary protection.
"We are convinced that the point has now been reached where Komphela and Frolick can no longer rely on parliamentary privilege, as they have now repeatedly made offensive remarks which drives the public to distraction and divides the population," Spies said.