Oct 08, 2008

Iranian Kurdistan: Female Activist Imprisoned

Active ImageFounder of Azar Mehr feminist association is the fourth female activist to be arrested in Iran. 
Below is an article published by Adnkronos International:

Kurdish feminist and journalist, Neghin Sheikholeslami, has been arrested and detained in the capital Tehran's notorious Evin prison .

Sheikholeslami is the fourth Kurdish female activist to be imprisoned in Iran. No charges have yet been made against her.

She is one of the founders of the Azar Mehr feminist association, which is especially active in Iranian Kurdistan in northwest Iran.

In a separate development, police on Monday arrested 44 people at a private party in Mashad, in eastern Iran. Women police officers for the first time took part in the operation.

The 27 female and 17 male partygoers are accused of 'promiscuity', 'consumption of alcohol' and listening to 'obscene music'.