May 27, 2024

UNPO's Journey of Empowerment: The 2023-2024 Activity Report in Global Advocacy and Solidarity

The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) is proud to announce the presentation of our  2023-2024 activity report on May 11-12th during our General Assembly in Munich. In addition to the general renovation and improvement of UNPO, we have also maintained a rich agenda of activities, making sure to embody our mission and vision of fostering solidarity, dialogue, and empowerment for unrepresented peoples worldwide.

Furthermore, we are excited to share the new Advisory Board. This board includes distinguished experts and advocates who will provide strategic guidance and support to enhance our efforts and ensure that we continue to effectively defend the rights and aspirations of unrepresented communities. We have welcomed Dr. Liam Saddington and Alexandra Gavilano for Sustainable Empowerment Campaign, Tendor Dorjee and Prof. Francesco Palermo for Democratic Pluralism and Dr. Jonathan Harris for our UNPO Academy (

At UNPO, we envision a world where all people's voices are heard and respected, where fundamental rights, including the freedom to self-determination are universally upheld. Our mission is to create a platform of solidarity for unrepresented peoples and to promote dialogues with the international community, working together for a peaceful, democratic, equitable, and sustainable world. Following this core aspect UNPO has engaged on a variety of activities including:

Training Initiatives:

Throughout 2023, UNPO conducted several training sessions aimed at empowering its members and youth activists. Sessions included in-person training for Asia Pacific members in Geneva, online cybersecurity training, a cybersecurity training in person for the Baluch community in Stockholm (, and a youth study session supported by the Council of Europe, emphasizing the importance of acquiring and improving necessary skills for advocacy within marginalized communities (


UNPO actively participated in conferences globally, advocating for the rights of women, minorities, and marginalized groups. Examples include our involvement in the EP Conference on "Women, Life, Freedom: What Future for Women & Minorities in Iran?" (, participation of the UNPO President to share the Somaliland´s path to statehood at the EP (, the Central Tibetan Administration’s 2023 Geneva Forum on “Human Rights in Decline: Regions under China” (; as well as the commemoration of Naga independence (  and our continuous presence at the EP and other international forums such as the University of Innsbruck and  the International Cultural Relations Research Alliance, underscoring our commitment to amplifying marginalized voices on the global stage.


UNPO hosted impactful events as well, bringing together communities and stakeholders to foster solidarity and empowerment. Our in-person General Assembly in Barcelona provided a platform for dialogue and collaboration among members, additionally UNPO hosted an extraordinary Online GA in September 2023.  

Other remarkable events include community meetings for the Baluch diaspora, including an event in April 2024 in Stockholm to present the new Branz website, and give the community the opportunity to come together and provide feedback; and Youth Study Session for Minority Youth Empowerment, a 6-day training study session in partnership with the the European Free Alliance Youth (EFAY), UNPO Youth, the Department of Geography at the University of Cambridge, the Oxford University School of Geography and cooperation with the European Youth Center in Strasbourg. A Week-long study session, held in Strasbourg, for youth activists from minority and indigenous communities showcasing our dedication to fostering resilience and unity.

Reports and Submissions:

UNPO's commitment to addressing human rights abuses and amplifying the voices of marginalized communities was evident in our numerous collaborations in reports and submissions to the United Nations. UNPO submitted several reports to the UN on the situation of UNPO members like the  Hmong People, Khmer-Krom and Oromo. Notable examples includes: 

  • Submission to the UN Special Rapporteur in Iran on the situation in Baluchistan  (
  • UNPO and Montagnards Community Report on Indigenous Land Grabbing under the Guise of Development Projects in the Bandarban District of Bangladesh. (
  • UNPO and the Association of Human Rights in Kurdistan-Geneva (KMMK-G), the Ahwaz Human Rights Organization (AHRO) and the Baluchistan Human Rights Group (BHRG) presented joint submission.  (
  • Submission of report to the UN OHCHR as a part of the UPR Review of Viet Nam, (
  • UNPO and the Congress of World Hmong People (CWHP) have jointly submitted a report to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). (
  • UNPO submitted an Alternative Report to the UN Human Rights Committee (CCPR) on the issue of severe human rights abuses against the Hmong ethnic minority group in Laos. (
  • Submitted a report to the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention to highlight ongoing human rights violations against the Oromo community in Ethiopia. ( 
  • Submission to the Special Rapporteur on the Assassination of Iranian-Dutch Activist Ahmad Mola Nissi. ( 

These submissions highlight our dedication to justice, accountability, and recognition on the global stage.

External Engagements:

Our commitment goes beyond our own projects or the ones involving our members, UNPO also engages in external opportunities to further amplify our advocacy to empowerment.

  • The UNPO issued a press release after the President Edna Adan Ismail was honored with the Templeton Prize and the Global Love of Life award. (
  • Geneva Observer’s article on the UNPO’s work on Transnational Repression: UNPO was approached by the Geneva Observer to highlight UNPO’s work. (
  • UNPO collaborates with the Turkish Women’s Center in celebrating International Mother Language Day through a Multilingual Conference. (

In addition ur Secretary General, Merce Cano, had participated in a variety of interviews in efforts to  promote the self-determination right and human rights and social justice globally:

As we reflect on the achievements of 2023-2024, UNPO remains determined in our commitment to advocating for the rights and freedoms of unrepresented and marginalized communities worldwide. We will continue to work tirelessly toward a future where everyone, regardless of background, can thrive in a world that's fair and inclusive.