Sep 03, 2008

Sindh: New Sites for Heritage List

Active ImageThe Sindh Government identifies sites of archeological importance and asks the federal government to include them on heritage list.

Below is an article published by Daily Times :

The Sindh government has identified several sites of archeological importance and has asked the federal government to cover these sites under the Antiquities Act of 1975.

Sindh Culture and Tourism Minister Sassui Palijo told the Sindh Assembly on Tuesday [ 2 September 2008] that some 130 monuments and sites in Sindh are mentioned on the current heritage list, but there are many more, including mosques, mandirs (temples) and churches, that should be included as well.

Answering a question, she said that control of heritage sites should be transferred from the centre to the provinces and if the 1973 constitution is completely restored, heritage will automatically become a provincial subject. However, the Sindh government will keep up its own efforts to protect and maintain its heritage sites without waiting for the federal government, she added.

She told the house that her department is trying to collect its historical records available in other countries, particularly Britain, and has approached these countries. A space will be reserved at the Hindu Gymkhana to display statues made by renowned Sindhi artist Khushhal Das, who has recently made a statue of the late PPP chairperson, Benazir Bhutto. As per the artist’s wish, this statue will be put up at Bilawal House, said Information Minister Shazia Marri.

Paleejo said that a major scheme, the Gorakh Hill summer resort worth Rs 999 million, will be funded by the federal and Sindh governments, with each contributing half the total. However, the federal government has yet to pay its share.

The government will initiate an inquiry into cost and standard of the work done during the last government’s tenure at Gorakh Hill and other sites. The last government spent Rs 437 million on development at Gorakh, she said, which includes construction of 54 km of road from Wahi Pandhi to Gorakh Hill and supply of water and electricity. She mentioned that the previous government left two kilometers of the road unfinished.