Sep 02, 2008

Iranian Kurdistan: Group Destroys Land Mine Stockpile

Sample ImageAn Iranian Kurdish group has voluntarily destroyed almost 400 landmines in its stockpile.

Below is an article published by the International Herald Tribune :

Anti-land mine campaigners say an Iranian Kurdish group has destroyed its stockpile of the weapon.

Geneva Call says the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan destroyed almost 400 mines Monday [01 September 2008] in the northern Iraqi town of Koya.

The Switzerland-based group says hundreds of people fall victim to land mines in Iran every year.

It says the government in Tehran has not yet signed the 1997 international Mine Ban Treaty.

The Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan was founded in 1945 to fight for Kurdish autonomy in Iran. It opposes the clerical regime in Tehran from bases in Iraq, and deployed mines in Iran until it stopped its armed struggle in 1997.