Jun 30, 2004

Crimean Tatars: Crimean Tatars launch protest in Simferopol

Crimean Tatars launched a protest to demand land lots in Partenit and Maly Mayak resorts and also demand ethnic statehood
SIMFEROPOL, June 29 - Crimean Tatars placed seven tents in front of the Crimean government’s building in downtown Simferopol on Tuesday to demand land lots in Partenit and Maly Mayak resorts near Alushta on the Crimean southern coast. They also demand ethnic statehood for Crimean Tatars.

The protesters said they would not leave until their demands were satisfied.

The Regional Majilis authorized a similar action in Alushta starting from July 5. Crimean Tatars want land lots for building houses and a mosque.

Crimean Tatars are in opposition to the authorities and the police in Alushta, because they are not allowed to open small shops and grill houses on the seashore without permission. Traders, who do not have authorization for their business, have even clashed with the police, head of the public relations center of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry’s Crimean Department Alexander Dombrovsky said.

Source: Itar-Tass