Aug 25, 2008

Nagalim: India Insurgents Forcibly Recruit Children

Active ImageNaga International Support Center demands that governments condemn and prosecute the culprits.
Below is an article published by the Naga International Support Center (NISC):

While closely monitoring developments in Manipur State, India, The Naga International Support Center, NISC, is dismayed over the forced recruitment by the kidnapping of under aged children of so called ‘freedom fighters’. Because this is a matter of great, even, international concern today NISC feels compelled to denounce those organizations or deployed individuals stooping to this subhuman level.  Seizing children to train as soldiers for respective armies is deplorable yet has reached unfathomable heights. Most probably these criminals think that their right to self determination supersedes all individual rights but are in fact flagrant violations of individual human rights. This misconception strongly deserves strong condemnation and direct action by the authorities should be against these abominable acts. Not only the children themselves are forced to grow up with guns to fight for a cause they have no say in but also the desperate parents of these children fall victim to those unscrupulous people. Our hearts go out to parents and relatives and all children who suffer from being treated like slaves.
Children are the future; they are the pillars of tomorrow. It is our duty as parents, as society and as international community to protect and them from evil forces. Because the Naga International Support Center is a human rights organization we cannot idly sit and watch children being used, abused and ultimately enslaved. Today many mothers weep for they lost sons and daughters. All in Manipur should rise to speak out against this anomaly.

So far no organization or government came forward to actively stop the inhumane abductions. NISC calls on all sensible people: to stand up and raise your voice against these […] [unjust] acts once and for all.

The Naga International Support Center urges the United Nations to speak out against this subhuman behavior and to take action against the Government of Manipur

  • the Government of India to intervene when the local state Government is not capable or unwilling to do so

  • the national organizations standing for their right to self determination of for instance the Kukis, the Nagas, the Meiteis and many others to speak out against those kidnappers and if they have ties with those criminals to apprehend them and hand them over to the proper authorities