Aug 18, 2008

Ahwazi: Urgent Action Needed To Release Writer

Active ImageAhwazi Yousuf Azizi, writer and human rights activist, has been sentenced to five years in prison by the Iranian government.


Below is an article published by the Ahwazi Human Rights Organization:

The subdivision 15 of the Islamic revolutionary court in Tehran has passed a 5-year prison sentence against the Ahwazi writer and journalist Yousif Azizi in connection with his alleged part in organising and instigating a demonstration by the Arab population in Ahwaz province against the Iranian regime in April 2005.
The demonstration was related to the revelation of a notorious document by Mr Abtahi, the then head of the president’s office,   in which a plan was envisaged on how to change the demographic nature of Ahwaz region.  The aim of the plan was to effectively rendering the Arab indigenous population from being a majority into a minority.

Back in 24 April 2005 the Iranian authorities had arrested Mr Azizi and he spent around 65 days in solitary confinement before being released on bail to the tune of one billion Iranian Rials [almost 71.000 Euro]. Since then he has constantly been under surveillance and harassment by the authorities.

Yousuf Azizi is a founding member of the union of Iranian writers and recently has joined its board of directors.  He is a well-known writer and journalist and a defender of human rights inside and outside of Iran, with many of his works being published and translated into Farsi, Arabic and other languages.

Mr Yousuf Azizi’s imprisonment and the danger to his life under these circumstances make it imperative to urge the Iranian government to annul this unfair sentence and reverse its decision according with human rights conventions and citizens’ human rights and freedoms.



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