Aug 15, 2008

Batwa: Demand For More Government Aid

Active ImageThe Batwa from Uganda are looking for more business, health and education support.



Below is an article written by Emmanuel Kajubu and published by :

The Batwa in Bundibugyo district have demanded for recognition from the Government [of Uganda].

King Nzinto said unlike other kingdoms supported by the Government, the Batwa were neglected and marginalised.

Nzinto was on Friday [11 July 2008] speaking during the hand-over of 21 houses to the Batwa by the European Union.
The houses worth sh90m were built by Rural Welfare Improvement for Development with support from the European Union.

The Batwa are a minority group in Bundibugyo district, who until recently were staying in forests and national parks.

Nzinto said the Government should give the Batwa money to start businesses and support their families.

The group, he also noted, lacked access to health and education facilities.
"When our people fall sick, they have nowhere to go. The Government should build a hospital for the Batwa."