Aug 15, 2008

Abkhazia: Ministry Demands Recognition Before Opening Talks

Active ImageAbkhazia’s Foreign Ministry agrees to Russian peacekeeping contingent as protection from Georgian use of force.



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Abkhazia's Foreign Ministry has said in a statement that the recognition of the republic's independence was the main condition for opening talks with Georgia.

According to the ministry, the recent meetings of the UN Security Council showed that the international community would not guarantee Abkhazia's security if Georgia resorted to military aggression against the country.

"Georgia's actions backed by misleading information disseminated by major US and British mass media have confirmed that Georgia has been considering the way of resolving the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict using force," the ministry declared.

With this in view, Abkhazia finds it necessary to keep the Russian peacekeeping contingent on its territory.

The lack of an adequate assessment of Georgia's actions by the international community has "led to numerous civilian deaths, as well as caused many people to be displaced", the ministry added.

International mediators in the Georgian-Abkhaz and Georgian-Ossetian conflicts have "proven their helplessness and inefficiency in solving urgent problems in order to prevent conflicts", Abkhazia's Foreign Ministry asserted.