Aug 11, 2008

Abkhazia: How to Improve Stability in the Caucasus?

Active ImageIn a statement released by the International Circassian Association, it appeals to governments the world over to incorporate Abkhazia in the international community. 

Below is a statement released by the International Circassian Association:

To: Leaders of Countries 

The people of Abkhazia, having survived many upheavals and sufferings in its millennial history, gone through the horrors of the past Georgian intervention in late XX century, managed to preserve its statehood. Despite the international pressure, economic isolation and unrecognized status, Abkhazia became a [territory] seeking to promote democratic principles. 

New international political realities, in particular  recognition of Kosovo, give us more confidence to believe that the issue of [statehood] of Abkhazia is no longer a problem of international law and that it is not based on the decision of the United Nations, it lies more in the plane of  interests of other States. 

Only [self-determination] can guarantee the preservation of Abkhazia from total annihilation, and only recognition of its [right to self-determination] will allow to take full advantage of economic and cultural potential of Abkhazia and enable us to resolve all issues in accordance with our own interests while Abkhazia within Georgia will create a new threat to stability as in Georgia and throughout the Caucasus as a whole. 

The peoples of the Caucasus are sincerely interested in Abkhazia to be recognized and to be held as a state. It is proved by the unequivocal support of the peoples of the North Caucasus that rose as one to defend the statehood […] of Abkhazia. The Circassian World along with Abkhaz participated and will participate in the development of the country. That is why; unrecognizing Abkhazia also means not to recognize the interests of peoples of the North Caucasus. 


The return to the past is a return to the period of chaos and war. Modern Abkhazia and Georgia can only exist as two […] equal[s] […]. The desire  to live and develop in a free country is not inspired by someone from outside, but is a justified and reasonable-old desire of all people of Abkhazia. […]

Taking into account the abovementioned, we the members of Executive Committee of the Circassian International Association appeal to the leaders of all countries in the world to adopt a just decision on recognition […] of Abkhazia and thus contribute to improving the situation of stability in the Caucasus.