Aug 11, 2008

Iranian Kurdistan: EU Condemns Violation of Kurds' Rights

Sample ImageThe EU presidency has issued a statement condemning the violation of human rights against Kurdish groups.

Below is an article published by EUbusiness :

The EU presidency on Wednesday [6 August 2008] condemned human rights violations committed against the Kurdish minority in Iran and urged Tehran to scrap the death penalty.

"The European Union is greatly concerned at the measures carried out by the Iranian authorities against the rights of some residents of the Iranian province of Kurdistan," the French EU presidency said in a statement.

"The European Union learnt with great concern of the death sentences handed down against Messrs Farzad Kamangar, Farhad Vakili, Ali Heidarian, Hivar Botimar and Anvar Hosein Panohi, members of Iranian civil society and part of the Kurdish community," the statement continued.

"The European Union urges the Iranian authorities to scrap the death sentences and stop executions," it added.

Numerous human rights violations had been perpetrated in recent months against journalists, trade unionists, students and human rights advocates from the Kurdish minority, it said.