Aug 07, 2008

Hmong: Hmong human rights organizations have urged Thailand to release Hmong prisoners

Sample Image Hmong human rights organizations have urged Thailand to release Hmong prisoners and to stop repatriation of Hmong from Thailand to Laos.
Below is the abstract of an article published by World Hmong People’s Congress (WHPC) :

A coalition of Hmong NGOs in the United States, strongly urges U.S.  President  George W. Bush to discuss the Hmong  refugees crisis in Ban Huay Namkhao and NongKhai Detention Center Camp, Thailand with Thai Prime Minister Samak.

In a few days, U.S. President Bush will be traveling to Asia, to attend the Olympics in Beijing, China.  On the way, he might meet with many Asia leaders, including Thailand’s Prime Minister Samak. In June 2008, the first ever Hmong Long March for Freedom was held in Ban Huay Namkhao Camp, Thailand  with over 5000 Hmong Refugees men, women and children  heading to the UNCHR headquarters in Bangkok, but it was stopped after about one mile by Thai authorities. Sources reported that about 1300 were forcibly repatriated to Laos, including 13 of their leaders. Others were brutally beaten and remain jailed in Thailand.

On June 27, 2008, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has written to the government of Thailand to express his concern over the repatriation of hundreds of Hmong Refugees.

The Hmong community, represented through various NGOs:

  1. Urgently appeals to the U.S. President Bush to urge Thailand to allow UNHCR and other humanitarian NGOs to assist Hmong refugees in Huay Namkhao Camp until a solution is found;
  2. Immediately reminds Thailand of its obligation […] to stop the forced repatriation of Hmong refugees from Thailand to Laos, where Hmong face persecution and imprisonment;  
  3. Appeals to the members of the UN Security Council, European Parliament, ASEAN, Africa Union, and the international community to pressure Laotian President  Chommaly Sayasone and his regime to allow humanitarian aid to be distributed to the Hmong ChaoFa indigenous population in the Hmong ChaoFa State, Xaisomboun Special Zone, as already recommended by the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination 66th Session in Geneva, Switzerland;
  4. Urges Thailand to immediately release the 149 Hmong in Nong Khai Detention Center, Thailand. […]