Jul 28, 2008

Somaliland: voter registration to begin in October

Sample ImageVoter registration for eligible Somalilanders for the upcoming elections is announced by the President’s press office.

Below is an article published by Qaran News:

The Somaliland President Mudane Dahir Rayale Kahin has issued a directive for implementing the voter registration of all Somalilanders eligible to participate in the upcoming Presidential and local assembly elections.

In a communique issued by the President's press office, the directive for the voter registration is based on the 90th article of the Somaliland constitution, sub-section 14, regarding the election to the office of the President of Somaliland and the elections of local assemblies, voter registration will commence on 14th of October, 2008.

There has been speculation that with date of the Presidential elections already marked for April 9th, 2009, an announcement on the commencement date for voter registration will come shortly.