Jul 15, 2008

Hmong: PRESS RELEASE: Gandhian NON-Violent Principles Training

Sample ImageThe World Hmong People’s Congress held a successful training event on Hmong Indigenous human rights, the Hmong crisis in Thailand and Laos, and Gandhian non-violent principles.


Below is a press release by World Hmong People’s Congress :

The Training [on 4-5 July 2008] was very successful, with hundreds lined up and listened to the training for two days long from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Trainers Yang Lu and Paula Lee, showed incredible photos of Hmong shelters destroyed by fire in Hmong Refugees Camp in Thailand.  Hmong boys and girls, raped and killed by the states sponsored Lao People’s Democratic Republic and the Social Republic of Vietnam in Laos. The mass deportation of Hmong Refugees in Ban Huay Nam Khao Camp, in Thailand back to Laos and many Hmong leaders were brutal beating, disappeared, jailed and forced to pay some money for the Non-Violent activity, calling for UNHCR and international community to help save them.
World Hmong People's Congress’s staffs Mr. Yang, Lu; Mr. Lee, Nhia; Mr. Lee, Fue;  Mr.Lo, Pete, Mr. Cha, Sen, Mr. Yang, Cher Ka, Mr. Yang, VaChiang, and Ms. Lee, Paula were among the trainers to train over 300 people one by one and step by step for two days from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. “ The racial brutal treatment of Hmong indigenous forced repatriation back to Laos  by Thai authorities without United Nations monitoring and transparency is  unacceptable” stated World Hmong People’s Congress President Yang, Hubert TouShoua Yeng.

The two days training, with over 300 people signed and unanimously adopted the following resolution:   

DISTURBED that in June 2008, about 5000 Hmong women, men and children headed to UNHCR’ s head  quarter in Bangkok, Thailand after over 1500 of their bamboo shelters were destroyed by fire and Thai Third Army Region did not allow UNHCR and NGOs to assist;

CONDEMNING the Thai Government, especially Thai authorities for making gross false public statement that Hmong Refugees voluntary to Laos, that is not truth;

FULLY SUPPORTING UN Secretary Ban Ki Moon’s statement “ All refugees have the right to asylum and we will make everything that we can to provide their all round protection that they deserve
June 23, 2008 ”;

URGENTLY URGING the United Nations (UN)  and the international community to pressure Lao government to release the 13 Hmong leaders that who were forced repatriation from Thailand back Laos since June 20, 2008;

URGENTLY APPEALING to the UN, the European Parliament, the ASEANS, African UNION and the international community to pressure Thailand  to allow UNHCR and NGOs to provide Humanitarian Aid including food, shelters, medicines,  and clothing as soon as possible to assist the Hmong Refugees in Ban Huay Nam Khao,Thailand and Laos.