Jul 15, 2008

Somaliland: Donates 4000 Sheep to Drought Stricken Djibouti

Sample ImageThe Somaliland government makes a “brotherly donation” to neighbouring Djibouti.


Below is an article published by Somaliweyn :

The self-styled government of Somaliland has donated 4,000 goats to the republic of Djibouti. These animals were transported from Barbera seaport to Djibouti harbor.

These livestock would be handed over by the director of the chamber of commerce in the Somaliland administration Mr. Abdurrahman Farah who is now in the Djiboutian capital Djibouti.

“This is brotherly donation to the people and the military defense forces of Somaliland” said Mr. Farah.

Similar donation was earlier made by the autonomous state of Puntland and they have said that their donation is aimed to the armed forces of Djibouti who are at the front line.

These donations coincides with time when the military forces of Djibouti went into intervals combat with the forces from her neighbor Eritrea, and presidents of Puntland and that of Somaliland made visit in Djibouti despite long standing enmity between the two states over Lasanod town.