Jul 07, 2008


Sample ImageA statement from the Abkhaz Ministry of Foreign Affairs commenting on the recent violence in the Georgian-Abkhaz border region.

Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Against the backdrop of heightened preparation by Georgia for a military aggression against Abkhazia, a series of terrorist acts in the cities of Abkhazia were directed against peaceful population and caused injuries of innocent people. Recent blasts in Gal town on the  6th of July 2008 killed four people and seriously injured many others.

For the past 15 post-conflict years, Georgian leadership has been suspected of supporting terrorism. The UN Joint Fact Finding Mission asserted in its report of 20 - 24 November, 2000, that: ". armed groups, consisting of Georgians were carrying out aimed attacks in Gal district. Their immediate task was to create an atmosphere of fear and instability among returnees to Gal district in order to show that it is impossible to stay in the territory controlled by the Abkhaz side. They used ambushes, kidnappings and aimed mining ". The destiny of those kidnapped by the Georgian secret services - Chairman of the Election Committee of the Gal district Mr. David Sigua - is still unclear.

Similarly, the international community, has also been accused of failing to give objective assessment of Georgian authorities, and condemning violations of human rights in Georgian policy in Abkhazia and South Ossertia.

Considering the above, Abkhazia appeals to the G8 countries, the UN Security Council, the OSCE and the Group of Friends of the UN Secretary General to take adequate measures to suppress the threat of terrorism arising from Georgia, as neglecting such provocations will lead to irreversible escalation of the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict.

Sukhum 07.07.2008