Jul 03, 2008

Tibet: “Critical” Time for Tibet: Dalai Lama

Sample ImageAs the second round of Tibet-China talks this year continue in China, His Holiness the Dalai Lama has described the situation in Tibet as “grim” and “critical”.


Below is an article published by Press Trust of India:

Pressing the international community to speak up for the Tibetan people at this "critical" stage, the Dalai Lama today [3 July 2008] prodded China for progress in the ongoing talks over the "grim" Tibet situation as the two sides met here for the second day of the secretive parleys.

"Tibet today is passing through a very critical period with the very survival of the Tibetan people at stake. The situation in Tibet continues to be grim," the exiled spiritual leader said attacking Beijing for "eroding the Tibetan people's distinct cultural and spiritual heritage".

In a letter read out to a conference in Tokyo, the Dalai Lama said that the fresh round of talks that opened yesterday [2 July 2008] in Beijing "has come at a crucial time." The Tibetan government in exile based in Dharamsala has said the envoys of the Dalai Lama will hold talks with Chinese officials for two days, resuming the dialogue which started on 4 May [2008] in Shenzen […]

The protests [in Tibet in March 2008] had rattled the Communist party leadership, leading to a massive crackdown which drew international flak.

The Chinese government, which has remained tightlipped on the talks, however, poured vitriol against the exiled Tibetan leader accusing him of orchestrating the protests in Tibet "with the support and instigation of hostile western forces".

"The March 14 [2008] incident was planned for a long time by the Dalai clique with the support and instigation of hostile western forces," Zhang Qingli, Tibet's hardline Communist Party boss said.