Mar 11, 2024

UNPO Presents Submission to Special Rapporteur on the Assassination of Iranian-Dutch Activist Ahmad Mola Nissi

On 7 March 2024, The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) formally presented a submission the Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary, or Arbitrary Executions to investigate the assassination of Iranian-Dutch political activist, Mr. Ahmad Mola Nissi. UNPO's submission underscores the failure of Dutch authorities to protect Mr. Nissi and highlights a growing pattern of transnational repression orchestrated by Iranian authorities.

Mr. Ahmad Mola Nissi was assassinated on November 8, 2017, outside his home in The Hague, Netherlands. Despite ample warnings and seven reports by Mr. Nissi himself to the police regarding risks to his safety, Dutch authorities, particularly the Intelligence Services (AIVD) and the Police, failed to respond appropriately and provide protective measures that could have prevented his killing.

This submission, filed with the assistance and consent of the victim's family, sheds light on the threats leading to Mr. Ahmad Mola Nissi's killing, the authorities' negligent response, and the legal actions taken by the family to date.  

The UNPO observes that the extrajudicial killing of Mr. Ahmad Mola Nissi is representative of a concerning surge in transnational repression, exemplifying targeted reprisals against activists, human rights defenders, and opposition figures by foreign authorities, though particularly those from Iran. UNPO has been documenting transnational repression for years through our Compromised Space campaign. The report Voices of Victims of Espionage and Reprisals in Europe also presents the case of Mr. Nissi, as well as dozens of other victims of transnational repression residing in Europe, also emphasizing the failure of national authorities to address these crimes adequately.

It is hoped that the recommendations outlined at the end of this submission facilitate meaningful actions toward preventing similar occurrences in the future, safeguarding the rights of individuals under threat, and fostering a more effective protective framework.

The UNPO urgently calls for national authorities to recognize the threats facing of at-risk diaspora, political dissidents and human rights defenders residing in their territory, and urge for and a comprehensive re-evaluation of protective measures.