Jun 26, 2008

Southern Azerbaijan: Iran Murders Another Activist

UNPO has received a report from the South Azerbaijan National Awakening Movement (SANAM) in Tabriz, that the Iranian Government has murdered Southern Azerbaijani political activist and human rights campaigner, Afshin Irfan Khosroshahi, 30.


Mr Khosroshahi had reported being threatened several times by the Iranian Intelligence & Security (ETTELAAT). His dead body was found in the bathroom of is own office. According to a colleague, Mr Khosroshahi had received some visitors from ETTELAAT some minutes before his body was found and forensic investigations indicate that Mr Khosroshahi was severely beaten, including skull fractures.

UNPO condemns this cowardly crime against humanity of the Iranian Government and calls upon the Iranian government to abide by the rule of law in its own territory, as well as international law and protect and promote the rights of its own citizens.