Jun 25, 2008

Inner Mongolia: Dissident Released from Chinese Custody

Active ImageInner Mongolian dissident Jaranbayariin Soyolt was released from Chinese custody and deported back to Mongolia

Below is a press release issued by the Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center:

Mr. Jaranbayariin Soyolt, a Southern (Inner) Mongolian dissident in exile and a citizen of Mongolia, was released and deported back to Mongolia by train on June 17, 2008. Currently he is staying in his residence in Ulaanbaatar, capital of Mongolia.

Jaranbayariin Soyolt was arrested by the Chinese authorities on January 6, 2008, at the Beijing Capital International Airport for his alleged involvement in "separatism". In April [2008], the Chinese Government, in its official note sent to the Government of Mongolia as its response to Mongolia's repeated requests on the case, refused to recognize Jaranbayariin Soyolt as a Mongolian citizen and insisting that he is a Chinese citizen. For more information, please visit our website at:

The Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center (SMHRIC) welcomes Jaranbayariin Soyolt's release and expresses its sincere gratitude to those individuals and organizations who worked hard in publicizing the case and urging the Chinese Government on his immediate release.

Meantime, SMHRIC urges the Chinese authorities to free all ethnic Mongolian political prisoners including Mr.Hada who is serving his 12th year of a 15-year jail term for demanding greater autonomy for the Mongols, Dr. Naguunbilig, a Mongolian physician, who is serving his second year of a 10-year jail term for engaging in “evil cult”, Ms. Daguulaa, wife of Naguunbilig, who is serving her second year of a 5-year house arrest for “conspiring” with her husband, Mr. Naranbilig who was recently put under a 1-year house arrest for attending international gatherings to protect the rights of the indigenous Mongols, Mr. Tsebegjab who was also put under a 1-year house arrest for his alleged link to “separatists” in Mongolia, and many other ordinary Mongols who have been arbitrarily arrested and detained for defending their right to access their ancestral land and right to preserve their traditional way of life.