Jun 09, 2008

West Balochistan: UNPO General Assembly Member Resolution

IX General Assembly

The resolution calls upon the international community to take immediate and necessary actions to stop the severe discrimination of the Baloch people in Iran, thereby stopping political, social and economic suppression.

Below is a Member Resolution as presented and adopted before the IX UNPO General Assembly held during 16-17 May 2008 in Brussels, Belgium:

   IX UNPO General Assembly

16 - 17 May 2008, Brussels Belgium


Member Resolution

introduced by:

West Balochistan

The oppressed people of Balochistan appeal through UNPO’s General Assembly to the United Nations, the European Union and international human rights organizations to take immediate and necessary actions against the oppression and severe discrimination of Baloch people. This oppression has resulted in the execution of innocent people, targeted killing of political opponents, political suppression, social injustice and severe violations of basic human rights in the western part of Balochistan which is under the rule of the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

The Balochistan People’s Party would like to request the European Parliament, human rights organizations and the international community to immediately put sufficient pressure on the Iranian government in order to stop its policies of oppression and violation of human rights of the people of Balochistan. 

The Balochistan Peoples Party also demands that the UN and EU take firm actions in order to put pressure on the Iranian government to halt its practice of religious suppression and forced conversion of Sunnis to Shiism. Furthermore, immediate actions are needed to demand the release of jailed human rights activists Mr. Yaqub Mehrnehad, Mr. Ibrahim Mehrnehad and their colleagues as well as to stop the execution of Sunni religious leaders. 

The Balochistan People’s Party also demands that the UN and EU put pressure on the Iranian government to halt the development and testing of missiles in Balochistan. 

Finally, we request the UN Secretary General to dispatch an investigating and fact finding commission to the areas of Al-Ahwaz, Azerbaijan, Balochistan, Kurdistan and Turkemensahra to gather information on violations of human rights by Iranian authorities.


To download the Member Resolution, please click here . (PDF format, 100kb)