Jun 02, 2008

Oromo: UNPO General Assembly Member Resolution

IX General Assembly

UNPO’s Oromo’s called for those people committing crimes against humanity to be brought before court and furthermore called upon the Ethiopian government that all innocent prisoners should be released. Additionally pursuing free, democratic and open elections were opposition parties can part take to achieve genuine equality for all in Ethiopia. 

Below is a Member Resolution as presented and adopted before the IX UNPO General Assembly held during 16-17 May 2008 in Brussels, Belgium:


 IX UNPO General Assembly

16 - 17 May 2008, Brussels Belgium


Member Resolution

introduced by:




Concerned about the following human rights violations in Ethiopia, which include mass killing, kidnapping, imprisonment and torture, and which are being inflicted upon the Oromos and other nations and nationalities both in Ethiopia and in neighbouring countries where they have taken refuge, have heightened our concern about the safety of those peoples:

Extra-Judicial Killing: Abdi Abrahim age 30 from Dirre Xiyara , East Hararge was shot with three bullets and killed on October 30, 2007 by the Ethiopian Government soldiers. Abdi Abrahim was shot dead near Ethiopian Military Camp, found in a place called Didibo in Eastern Hararge.

Mass Attack Against Oromo Refugees in Neighbouring Country: 65 Oromo refugees from Ethiopia were killed and more than 100 others were seriously injured when two grenades were thrown at two different hotels owned by two Oromo refugees, Melaku and Jamal Arsii, in the port town of Bossaso in Puntland, Somalia. The victims were watching a video game produced in Oromo Language at the time the attack took place on the 5th of February, 2008.

Kidnappings and Tortures: Two Oromo refugees are in a critical condition after they were kidnapped and tortured by Ethiopian soldiers operating in Somaliland.

1. Bayan Muktar Mohammed was kidnapped by members of the Ethiopian army in Wachale, Somaliland on Febrauary 2nd, 2008 and taken to a nearby military camp where he was severely tortured. Bayan Muktar Mohammed, who is originally from Western Hararge of Oromia region, is a UNHCR-registered refugee seeking asylum. Bayan was forced to flee his homeland due to continuous harassments and intimidations. He is a father of five and head of a family of six, all of whom are dependent on him. Bayan Muktar, who managed to return back to Wachale, Somaliland after escaping from the military detention, is in a critical condition due to the severe torture inflicted on him and one of his hands is paralysed.

 2. Abdumalik Adam Abdulahi age 32, born in Hararge/Dadar was kidnapped by unidentified armed groups in Hargessa  on February 15, 2008 and handed over to Ethiopian soldiers. Abdulmalik was kidnapped at gun point from a place where he was working as a watchman. According to a HRL reporter, Abdumalik was taken into the Ethiopian border to Jijjiga military camp, where he was held in solitary confinement for about one month. He was subjected to continuous interrogations and torture while he was in custody. He was finally released on grounds that he was mistaken and kidnapped wrongly. Abdumalik Adam is also in critical condition due to the severe torture.

Mass Arrest and Imprisonment: In a continuous mass arrest and imprisonment that has been taking place for months all over Oromia, HRLHA reporters confirmed that, in and around Mettu Town of Illubabor Zone in western Oromia, dozens of people have recently been sent to prison. Most of those individuals who were arrested January 12 & 13, 2008 are teachers and students. Among those whose names have been obtained were:

 1. Namarraa Addaamuu (high school teacher)

 2. Zelaalem Amaanu'el (elementary school teacher)

 3. Eliyaas Nyaaroo (teacher)

 4  Bulaa Kuraa (businessman)

 5. Kaasahun Fidaa (student)

 6. Biruk Sewunet (student)

 7. Balaxee W/semayaat (student)

 8. Another student known by a nickname “Giraany”

Some of those detainees  (for example Obbo Elias Nyaro) have been targeted for so many years and subjected to repeated arrests, imprisonments and other forms of harassments. None of those recent detainees were taken to court and charged. HRLHA reporter confirmed that, the reason for their arrest and imprisonment is the very common allegation that they sympathized with opposition political organization OLF.

Therefore, we, the UNPO General Assembly call upon:

The Ethiopian government to bring the perpetuators of murder to court;

The Ethiopian Government for immediate release of illegal detainees, Oromo students and all political prisoners;

The Ethiopian government to withdraw its solders from neighbouring countries who were sent to hunt down Oromo and other refugees living in those countries;

The Ethiopian authorities to pursue the path of free, democratic and open election where all genuine opposition parties like OLF can participate;

The Ethiopian government to accept the boundary rule and not to go to war where the Oromo youths were used as mine sweepers;

And request that UN, EU and AU implement legal measures on Ethiopian authorities concerning human rights violation.


To download the Member Resolution, please click here. (PDF format, 135kb)