May 19, 2008

Tibet: Dalai Lama Attends Demonstration in Berlin

Active ImageA pro Tibet demonstration, attended by Dalai Lama, will take place today, Monday 19 May 2008, in Berlin.

A pro Tibet demonstration, attended by Dalai Lama, will take place today, Monday 19 May 2008, in Berlin.

Below is an article published by Berlinista :

In attendance of the Dalai Lama a huge pro Tibet demonstration will take place on Monday [19 May 2008] in Berlin.

The event with the motto “Freedom - Germany for Tibet. Tibet for the World” is organized by the Tibet Iniative Deutschland e.V. and the Union of the Tibetans in Germany e.V. and will see a huge number of famous personalities from politics, media and music and will draw a huge crowd from Germany and from abroad who join the call of the initiatives for freedom for the Tibetan nation.

The well known German politician Dr. Heiner Geissler will hold a speech with the motto “German politics for Tibet - Against intolerance and oppression”. Leading politicians of the several parties in the German parliament are going to attend as well.

At the beginning of the event which is scheduled for 4pm on Monday [19 May 2008] at the Platz des 18. März, which is the side of the Brandenburg Gate facing the Siegessaeule, there will be a one minute silence before several salutation messages by the likes of Berlin mayor Klaus Wowereit and German chancellor Merkel will be stated, who both can’t attend because of other appointments.

Besides of all the speeches that will be held, several German and Tibetian artists like Ani Choyling, raumwohnung and Wir sind Helden will perform songs.

In the second half of the program His Holiness, the XIV. Dalai Lama will as well talk to the masses. Currently he pays a visit to Germany which is an overwhelming succes.

The organizer’s call for solidarity: “We are upset about the continuing repression of the Tibetian people by the Chinese government. We ask the Chinese government to let the international press report unrestricted from Tibet, to respect the human rights and discuss acceptable solutions with the substitutes of the Dalai Lama. We support this gathering and show our solidarity with the people in Tibet and with the Dalai Lama.”

Due to the fact that the Dalai Lama is going to attend, the event will become a huge success with visitors above the 100.000 mark. A clear signal to all the international governments.