May 12, 2008

Tibet: Nepal Puts China Relationship Above Human Rights

Sample ImageNepalese police arrested more than 500 Tibetans Sunday, who were gathering outside the Chinese embassy for a peaceful protest.

Below is an article published by CNN:

Police in Nepal arrested more than 500 Tibetan protesters, nearly all of them women, on Sunday [11 May 2008] before what was to be the first all-female rally against China's actions in Tibet.

A senior police officer said the protesters were arrested for carrying the Tibetan flag and wearing head bands that read "Free Tibet."

Activists said the protesters were arrested from around the royal palace in Kathmandu while they were gathering for a peaceful rally.

The protesters were expected to be released in the evening. In general, protesters arrested in Nepal in recent weeks have been released that evening.

Nepal strictly controls any anti-China activities on its soil and maintains that Tibet is part of China.

"Of the 559 arrested, 535 were women and 24 were men, and included monks and nuns," officer Sarbendra Khanal said.

Tibetan exiles have been protesting outside the Chinese embassy and U.N. offices for two months, demanding respect for human rights in Tibet and a U.N. investigation into the deaths of some protesters in Tibet.

Nepal's police have broken up almost all anti-China protests by Tibetan exiles during the past several weeks and detained participants. Officials have said they will not allow protests that could harm Nepal's friendly relations with neighboring China, The Associated Press reported.

The United Nations and international rights groups have criticized Nepal for using what they say is excessive force to stop the protests, AP reported. Police have beaten people with batons and dragged them through the streets while detaining them.