Apr 26, 2008

Iranian Kurdistan: Students Detained and Tortured

Active ImageThree Kurdish students have been illegally detained for the past eleven months in Iran and are facing torture and interrogation.

 Below is an article published by Iranian Political Prisoners Association:

Three Kurdish students; Sabah Nassiri, Hedayat Ghazali and Yasser Gholi, have been detained and are facing torture and interrogation.

Two of these students: Sabah Nassir and Hedayat Ghazali have been held illegally for the past eleven months.

They were transferred mysteriously from the 209 section of Evin prison to the so called court, in which they underwent a summary trial without the presence of a lawyer. They have apparently been held, interrogated and trialed in relation to activities of a student news bulletin called "Rozhameh", No detail of their trial is available.

Prior to the new developments, Sabah Nassiri, Hedayat Ghazali had both asked to be trialed officially in an open court with their attorney present.

The two activists had been arrested eleven months prior to this and were charged with delivering a speech in a meeting held to support "Educating the mother tongue". They were arrested by the Intelligence Ministry and held in Sanandaj intelligence detention centre, west of Iran, and eventually, transferred to 209 section of Tehran.

Sabah Nassiri is the head director of "Rozhameh" in Tehran University, and Hedayat Ghazali is a member of the editorial board of the news bulletin.

At the same time another court in Sanandaj, has announced a destined trial of Yasser Goli to be held in the western city of Iran, on charges of threatening National security, and that Yassers' mother is to be tailed along her son.

Mrs.Goli has been, herself a civil right activist on women's issues. She had been arrested on a different occasion by the Ministry, but had managed to bail out.