Mar 28, 2008

Balochistan: Taking Grievances to Downing Street’s Doors

Active ImageSixty years after Balochistan was incorporated into Pakistan, Baloch supporters are highlighting their grievances with a protest in Whitehall.

Below is an article written by Dr. Megalommatis and published in the American Chronicle:

Divided among Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan, Balochistan is one of the few multi-divided nations of our times. In all three countries where a part of Baluchistan had been annexed, Balochistan is the most underdeveloped, the most marginalized, and the most crestfallen province.

Balochistan´s fate has been sealed over the past 60 years, following the formal independence of Pakistan. As Balochistan´s largest part of territory and population has been included in the polymorphous and controversial state of Pakistan, the Balochs have been politically, socially, and culturally oppressed.

Having faced a rather traumatic experience and encountered many adversities, the Balochs engaged in successive protestations because of the injustices that have befallen over them. The next protestation is a very particular occurrence: the Protest at the 60th Anniversary of Forcible Annexation of Balochistan by Pakistan. It will take place in London, in front of 10 Downing Street, on March 30 [2008], 2-4pm.


We believe it will be essential for the entire world to encounter a strong Balochi voice. We also publish integrally an article entitled ´Balochistan – the Land of Protests´ that was published today [25 March 2008] ( by Senator Sanaullah Baloch, who convincingly illustrates the Balochi struggle for Justice, Freedom and Self-determination.



To view media coverage of the protests that took place in Quetta, please follow this link:

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