Mar 04, 2008

Iranian Kurdistan: Yet Another Sentenced to Death

Three members of the Kurdish minority in Iran have been sentenced to death after being severely tortured by the oppressive regime of president Ahmedinejad.

Three members of the Kurdish minority in Iran have been sentenced to death after being severely tortured by the oppressive regime of president Ahmedinejad. 

Below is an article published by Iranian Minorities’ Human Rights Organisation:

Farzad Kamangar who arrested in July 2006 sentenced to death along Farhad Wakili and Ali Heydarian. All three men belong to Kurdish minority’s community in Iran.

During his arrest, Farzad kamangar many reports revealed that he was torture[d].

Source in Kurdistan told Iranian Minorities’ Human Right Organisation (IMHRO) “As result his torture they had to transfer him to hospital and every time he came back they started to Torture him again”

Iranian authority accused these three men of membership in Iranian P.K.K party branch, which there are no evidence for that. In fact Farzad Kamangar was environmental activist and active I some NGO activity.

Frazad kamangar who has a record of 12 years study in Kamyaran city, kept in solitary confinement for 17 month in prison of Sanandaj, Kermanshah and Evin Prison.

According to reports when his solicitor met him in prison, he was shaking all the time.


Iranian Minorities’ Human Right Organisation is against capital punishment and we believe freedom of expression should be for every one.

We call on UN high commissioner for human right, Mrs Louise Arbour to investigate the case of Farzad kamangar and put pressure on Iranian government to halt his execution.

Arresting innocent family member is one of the strange things that always happening in Iran. When the government can not arrest some one, they arrest member of his family. Many time these innocent member of family sentenced to death for some thing they never involve in.

Kurdish minority in Iran which are numbered up to 6 million people are living in west midland and North West and also in north east of Iran.

Iranian Kurdish is banned from social and political rights. Various human right organisations reported that hundreds of Kurds are in prison, some of them are there for long time without trial or having access to lawyer.

In recent years situation in Kurdistan worsened. Papers and magazine even in cultural form did not tolerated by government and they had to close down. Magazine and papers which closed down by the government in recent years are Manisht, Payame Mardom Kurdistan, Heh Naran, Rojeh Lat, Asu, Asdhti, and Rasan.

Kurdistan area is the only areas in Iran that revolutionary guard’s bases are situated near almost every village. As result of non investment in area, poverty and unemployment are very high. As Kurds are mainly Sunni they treated with discrimination in Iran. Many Mufti and Movlavi (clergy) Sunni are killed during last decade. In recent years pressure on Sunni in Iran had increased.