Jul 30, 2007

Nagalim: Towards an Extension of the Truce

In a consultative meeting held at the NSCN-IM’s headquarters ahead of negotiations with India, a majority of Nagas have asked for an extension of the ceasefire.

In a consultative meeting held at the NSCN-IM’s headquarters ahead of negotiations with India, a majority of Nagas have asked for an extension of the ceasefire.

Below are extracts from an article published by Kangla Online:

Most Nagas in the 6th Naga people`s consultative meeting held recently at the NSCN(IM)`s headquarters at Hebron, Dimapur, have backed giving a further chance to a peaceful resolution of the Naga political issue by going for a further round of ceasefire with India, a release of the NSCN(IM) said.

The participants however added a rider that the ceasefire should be more meaningful and specific, the NSCN(IM) statement said.

The anxiety of the Naga People in deciding the fate of the Indo-Naga Ceasefire that has touched 10 years without anything worth showing was visibly demonstrated at during the meet, where thousands from every nook and corner of Naga inhibited areas, including Somra of Myanmar turn up to listen and to speak on the Naga ceasefire with India.

[…] at the consultative meet, NSCN general secretary Muivah stressed that "we need to understand each other, because this is not the time to make mistake". He also said that when we understand the position of our adversaries there is nothing to fear. He made it very clear that India has well understood the Naga`s historical issue and Nagas have also understood India`s position, but Nagas can still go on to make things very clear if India fails to follow.

Recollecting his talk to Padmanabhaiah, India`s interlocutor, Muivah informed the gathering that he had made it clear to him that unless India respects the history of the Nagas there`ll be no meeting point. Padmanabhaiah responded that he`ll respect Naga history because he is convinced of Nagas` right. And that was the way Muivah convinced him to come to Kohima for the next round of Indo-Naga talk to demonstrate his respect for Naga`s sentiment, the statement said

On the ceasefire, NSCN as people`s mandated movement has made it very clear to India that unless we take people along there will be no solution and the Naga people will have to give their voice on the fate of ceasefire that ends on 31st July, 2007, it further said.

When the consultation was set in motion there was every indication that Naga would continue to approach solution through the peaceful means, and therefore, prefer extension of ceasefire. But to make a difference from the earlier 10 years of ceasefire the time round they wanted the ceasefire to be more specific. Many expressed regret that India has not been as sincere as the Nagas who have been bearing the 10 years of ceasefire with patient and sincerity. Certain sections of the Naga were critical enough to suggest the futility of another ceasefire, the statement said.

Without shying away from speaking of the emotional crisis in their respective areas the Nagas of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh observed [that] ceasefire did not cover these areas, but still they want to go for another ceasefire.

There is no single Naga civil society that failed to express their solidarity in making such crucial decision on ceasefire, the statement said.

Besides Naga Hoho, UNC, Naga Mothers` Association, Naga Students` Federation and Naga People Movement for Human Right, all Naga civil societies showed their face, and the general direction of the meeting was giving further chance for peaceful Naga solution by going for another round of ceasefire […].