Jun 28, 2007

Sindh: Cyclone Takes Its Toll

Fifty people from Sindh and Balochistan are reported to have died as a result of a Cyclone, with thousands still missing.

Fifty people from Sindh and Balochistan are reported to have died as a result of a Cyclone, with thousands still missing.

Below is an article published by the International News Network:

The death toll due to cyclone in Balochistan and Sindh has reached 50, while thousands are still missing.

A total of 24 deaths have been reported in Sindh, while Balochistan has a confirmed 36 mark.

Death of 20 persons due to intense flooding has been ascertained in the environs of Pasni and Turbat on Wednesday, 4 in Gandahara, while two persons died after a wall collapse in Dardar.

Five Baloch districts are endangered by the recent floodings and hundreds of villages have simply been washed away, due to damaging of embankments of many important dams like Meerani, Katchkol and Karko dam, and many persons are missing since.

Meerani dam is full to the brim, with its level rising quite rapidly, making the dam vulnerable to a severe breakdown, which could wreak further massive havoc in the already suffering region.

The district administration has reported an influx of 500,000 cusecs of water in the dam, while its discharge capacity has been noted at only 150,000 cusecs.

13 fishermen in the Shah Bandar region have been reported dead, while the cyclone Yamyin is reportedly moving steadily towards Iran enroute Ormara.

The MET officials have reported that Karachi and rest of low lying Sindh region is under the constant spell of cyclonic environment, spelling disaster for Karachi fishermen as well, 89 of which from Hawks Bay area have gone missing while fishing in deep sea at the time.

Hundreds of houses and buildings in Turbat have been destroyed with 18” water flooding the city, which has no credible sewerage and water-pumping system, has had its link with the entire Country, severed.

Thousands of affectees are reportedly lying helpless under the sky, and while no official help is in the offing, the masses have even resorted to climbing the treetops and official buildings to avoid the flooding.

Intermittent rains have felled a large number of electric poles, causing power supply to cease, and also affected the communication system.

The nazim of Pasni reports 90% of houses being destroyed, and river Maula of Khuzdar has again been flooded, while rains in Harnia, Sibi, and Ziarat have caused a severe flooding in river Bolan, in which five vehicles were washed away, while their passengers were luckily saved.