Apr 26, 2007

Southern Cameroons: Coordination Conference

Delegations and organisations from the UK, Africa, Europe, and the USA have established the Way Forwards Network to coordinate their effort to address problems in the Southern Cameroons.

The United Nations Trust Territory of the Southern Cameroons under United Kingdom Administration (UNTTSCUKA) has recently convened a conference to discuss issues relating to Southern Cameroons.

At the conference delegates from the UK, Africa, Europe and the USA agreed to coordinate actions towards self-determination for the Southern Cameroons, and committed themselves to collaborate in their efforts towards greater autonomy.

The Way Forwards Network, a consensus-based network of committees, was established  to carry out tasks for the UNTTSCUKA by; the Ambazonia Liberation Party/Ambazonia People's Emancipation Council (ALIP/APEC); The Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC); The Southern Cameroons People's Organisation (SCAPO); The Southern Cameroons Restoration Movement (SCARM) and The Southern Cameroons Youth League (SCYL).

"The conference was a solid success and ended with palpable excitement which had been building up throughout the weekend. All delegates and individual participants left looking forward to the tasks they had identified and committed to dispatch," reports the Way Forward Network.