Mar 19, 2007

Abkhazia: Polls Open for Second Round

Successful polling has concluded the second round of general elections, started on 4 March, deciding a number of “runoffs” in accordance with Abkhazia’s election laws.

Below is an extract from an article published by ITAR-TASS;


SUKHUMI, March 18 (Itar-Tass) - Polling stations opened in 17 constituencies of Abkhazia […] in the second round of general elections in the republic.

Eighteen deputies, including six from the opposition, were elected in the first round which was held on March 4 [2007]. However, not a single candidate gained the necessary number of votes in the remaining 17 constituencies. The runoff will be contested by two candidates who collected the greatest number of votes. In compliance with the Abkhazian election law, a candidate who will win the greatest number of votes, gains the runoff.

All in all, 108 hopefuls contested 35 seats in the legislature […]. A turnout in the second round of elections is not important, since it was necessary to hurdle the 25-percent barrier in the first round. The turnout was 48 percent on March 4 [2007], and the elections were pronounced valid in all the 35 constituencies.

Law enforcement bodies were put on alert on Election Day to ensure public law and order.