Feb 21, 2007

Mon: Conference Deemed a Success

A record crowd gathered for the fifth conference of the Mon Unity League, which strives to strengthen the social, cultural and political institutions of the Mon people.

Below is a press release published by the Mon Unity League on 19 February 2007:

The Mon Unity League (MUL) has been transformed its vision and mission with a new mandate to mobilize the role of the Mon civil society in Thailand and Monland. The Mon representatives and the leaders of the Mon community at large have been expressed that the organ of the Mon people is under threat of militarization and a policy of population transferring by the State Peace and Development Council, the Burmese military regime. The 5th Conference of the Mon Unity League has been passed its resolution to master the strength the Mon people on social, cultural and political institutions.

“I am proud to be elected as President of the organization with a full support of all representatives and individual and I am committed to face the challenges ahead” Mr Nai Sunthorn Siripangern said.

After ten year of its successful achievements on diplomacy, human rights, media and community development for the Mon people, the organization maintains its image and status to be leading voice of the Mon people’s interests.

Nai Khuen Lai, Chairman of the Conference said, this conference has been demonstrated one of the best gathering among the Mon people in the last so many years with quality representatives and good outcomes.

The representatives both at home and abroad have been expressed full support for networking and cooperation with other leading social and political campaigns to struggle for democracy and federalism in Burma.

The Organization reformed its structure and representations to meet the demand of its operation and services.

The Organization will be focusing on education, health and capacity development for the Mon migrant workers in Thailand and higher education programs for students, young Buddhist monks in the community in Monland.

The conference appointed seven advisors, three policy officers, five executive board members and one auditor with other social, political and development programs.