Feb 08, 2007

Talysh: Editor Arrested

The Editor of “Voice of Talysh” has been detained, with suspicions growing as little information is available on the motives for his arrest.

Below is an article published by Azeri-Press Information Agency;

Novruzeli Mammadov, editor-in-chief of newspaper “Tolishi Sedo” (Voice of Talish) published in Azerbaijan was arrested on February 3, APA reports.

The trial presided by Judge Svetlana Ismayilova passed decision to arrest Novruzeli Bayramov within 15 days. The journalist is accused of resisting the police.

Chief of Press Council Aflatun Amshov told the APA that “Tolishi Sedo” is one of the newspapers that have few editions or [do] not published anymore.

“We are concerned about exaggeration of journalism fact in such cases. It is possible to take stance on Novruzeli Mammadov’s detention after clarifying whether it has relations with journalistic activity or there are other motives,” he said.

Mammadov also works at Azerbaijani National Academy of Sciences […].