Jan 19, 2007

UNPO Appeals to Halt the Detention and Prosecution of Uyghur People

UNPO appeals to China to halt their recent detention and inhuman treatment of three Uyghur community members, all relatives of Rebiya Kadeer.

UNPO appeals to China to halt their recent detention, unlawful prosecution and inhuman treatment of three Uyghur community members, all of whom are sons of Rebiya Kadeer.

UNPO has received reports of the ongoing detention of Abilikim Abdiriyim, and the legal and physical treatment of his brothers, Alim and Kahar Abdiriyim, during their period of detention and their subsequent trial on 27 November 2006. UNPO calls on the Chinese government to guarantee that Abilikim Abdiriyim has full and unfettered access to legal counsel of his choosing, and to ensure that Alim and Kahar Abdiriyim can fairly appeal against their convictions of tax fraud. Under international human rights law, Alim and Kahar Abdiriyim must also have unfettered access to legal representation, who in turn have full access to all of the documents and other evidence against them - a right that was possibly denied to them at their first trial.

Abilikim Abdiriyim remains in custody awaiting trial on unknown charges amid persistent and reliable reports that he has been tortured. I therefore urge you to immediately offer medical treatment to Abilikim Abdiriyim. UNPO further urges you to conduct a full enquiry into the allegations that Alim and Kahar were also tortured by law officials, and to ensure that anyone found guilty of perpetrating torture against any one of these three brothers should be held accountable under relevant Chinese and international laws.

Concerned that the main reason for the severe treatment of these three brothers may be the activities of their mother Rebiya Kadeer, a person who is peacefully promoting human rights for the Uyghur people, UNPO appeals to you to put an end to the reported harassment of Rebiya Kadeer's family as a reaction to her peaceful human rights activities.

UNPO has therefore appealed to Wen Jiabao, Prime Minister of the People's Republic of China to:

- take urgent measures to end arbitrary and unlawful persecution and detention of members of the Uyghur community, including in particular Abilikim, Alim and Kahar Abdiriyim;

- address ongoing human rights violations and crimes targeting the Uyghur people; and ensure that alleged crimes and their perpetrators are subject to proper and impartial investigation; and

- ensure that China upholds and respects internationally recognized human rights standards, including the human treatment of individuals awaiting trial and access to legal council and all proper documents.

East Turkestan is one of UNPO’s founding Members.