May 17, 2004

Nagalim: Naga Plebiscite reaffirms the will for self-determination

Press statement by the Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights on the latest Naga plebiscite on independence and self-determination
Press statement

53 years ago on this day the 16th May 1951, Nagas young and old, men and women unitedly exercised their sovereign will and aspiration to determine and secure their own political destiny. The Naga plebiscite in which 99.9% of the people voted for an independent Naga state is an affirmation of the Naga declaration of Independence on 14th August 1947 from all alien domination, subjugation and exploitation. This collective truth demonstrates the moral and political consensus of the Naga struggle for self-determination and reiterates the uniqueness of Naga history and situation.

The spirit and aspirations of the Naga Plebiscite continues to form the historical basis on which to move forward. On 16th May 2004, the 53rd Anniversary of Naga Plebiscite, the Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR) acknowledges the visionary role of Naga elders and the organizing leadership of the then Naga National Council (NNC) which laid the foundation of the Naga struggle and derived the legitimacy on which future generations could aspire for the fulfillment of their long cherished dream to become fully free and independent.

NPMHR calls all Nagas to once again reaffirm the pledge to uphold and respect the sacredness of the Naga Plebiscite – a covenant given by the people for the realization of Naga dignity and freedom. Therefore, for the sake of the Naga future, NPMHR reiterates the necessity for all Nagas – individually and collectively – and Naga organizations to march together in Unity with Purpose under the principles laid down by the people through the Naga
Plebiscite. NPMHR, recognizing the Naga Plebiscite as the basis for all Nagas in their struggle for self-determination, demands that the aspirations demonstrated in the Naga Plebiscite should form the basis for an honourable political solution that will restore the Naga people’s rights to exercisetheir sovereign will.

Nepuni Piku Date: 16th May 2004
Secretary General
Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights

"Violation of human rights in any part of the world is a threat to the human
race as a whole and protection and promotion of human rights anywhere is a
concern of all."


Source: Naga international Support Center