Dec 26, 2006

Crimean Tatars: Ukrainian FM Attended Crimean-Tatar Congress

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Borys Tarasyuk visited the Crimean-Tatar congress in Crimea held from 22-24 December 2006

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Borys Tarasyuk visited Crimean-Tatar congress in Crimea, where public organization “Proryv” (break through – ed.) presented him a young pig by name Tarasyonok.

“I don’t feel hurt by the population of Crimea, as well as I don’t take offence at Yanukovych, who twice kept me out of cabinet’s sessions,” the minister said.

Speaking in the congress Tarasyuk highly assessed the meeting of Presidents Yushchenko and Putin, despite the fact that he did not put his signature on protocol documents. The Minister declared that it was the main event of the year as regards relations between Ukraine and Russia.

Tarasyuk also said that he does not like that the majority of Ukrainians speak Russian. He declared that he stands against any actions, which lead to separatism in Ukraine. “At the same time, all national minorities have a right on self-determination,” Tarasyuk summed up.  

Tarasyuk does not support the idea of formation of Crimean-Tatar national territorial structure (autonomy or a state) in Crimea.

The fifth session of IV Kurultay (Kurultay Crimean Tatar public national congress - the highest representative plenipotentiary body of Crimean Tatar people) took place on December 22-24 in Simpheropol.

On December 22 before Kurultay the first deputy chairman of the Medgils Crimean Tatar people Refart Chubarov said journalists that Crimean Tatar people has a right for self -determination and I does not intend to refuse from idea of creation of national State.