Dec 13, 2006

Khmer Krom: Youth Convention in Ontario

On December 10, Khmer Krom youths, parents and friends came out to join the Khmer Krom youth convention at the Khmer Krom Buddhist temple in the city of Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada.

Below is an article published by the KKF:

On Sunday December 10, 2006, Khmer Krom youths, Khmer Krom parents, friends of Khmer Krom, Venerables, and community leaders in Ontario province, Canada came out to join the Khmer Krom youth convention at the Khmer Krom Buddhist temple in the city of Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada.

The convention was organized by the KKF’s Youth Committee Canada, with the attendance of Mr. To Kim Thong (KKF’s Chairman), Venerable Dhammo Thach Truong, Venerable Srey Kim Than, Venerable Thach Kim Ngan, Venerable Ly Chan Nen, Mr. Thach Dara (KKF Canada Chapter), Mr. Tran An (KK local community president), and many other community leaders and Khmer compatriots.

In his keynote speech, Mr. To Kim Thong offered an inspiring and insightful message to the youths. He recalled of his past experience as a new immigrant in Canada with a little to no belongings to re-start a new life. It was a very rough start for himself to not have any Khmer community when he first came to Canada. Per his contributions, devotions, dedications, and his love of Khmer nation, he has helped founded the Cambodian Association in Ontario province, the Khmer temple in Toronto, Khmer-Krom temple of Stoney Creek, etc. With his tremendous successes, Mr. To Kim Thong encouraged all youths to try their best potential and at the same time remember Khmer Krom’s root and pride. He encouraged all to youths take on life, with a respect for one another and help one another to reach one’s potential. He put emphasis on youth as the “Tum Pang Snon Reuksey” in Khmer infamous expression, literally means “a new arrival of bamboo shoot to prolong the life of the bamboo trees”.

Khmer Krom Great Venerables, leaders, and parents in attendance also provided their inputs and strong endorsements of the need to strengthen youth group locally and internationally for the Khmer Krom cause, in particular toward the umbrella international-recognized organization: Khmers Kampuchea Federation (KKF). They all stressed the importance of education in Khmer Krom youths, and the only way to empower youths is through education. The Great Venerables and elders also encouraged all youths to carry forward Khmer Krom’s traditions and values, and at the same enrich themselves with all the good social values that Canada has to offer—by encouraging youths to learn Khmer language, to participate in religious ceremony, and at same time involve oneself in the Canadian community and to do stay in school and do well in school.

The convention was concluded with an election of a new youth committee. Roles, responsibilities were assigned to each committee member. Yearly activities have been determined and will be implemented according to plan.

All youths have shown their real interest in Khmer-Krom cause after the convention.