Dec 07, 2006

Somaliland Representative Addresses “Democracy Promotion: The European Way”

Statement by Mr. Mohamoud Abdi Daar, Representative of Somaliland to:

“Democracy Promotion: The European Way

The European Parliament, Brussels
6 - 7 December 2006

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Somaliland was a wasteland of landmines, armaments and desolate in 1991, following its brutal destruction and aerial bombardment by the former dictatorial regime of Siade Barre. Today, slightly more than a decade and a half, Somaliland is an African success story where hundreds of thousands of refugees and displaced persons returned to resettle and reconstruct their homes. It’s sustainable development and stability are founded on peace, the rule of law, respect for human rights and political participation. All are enshrined in its constitution. Somaliland's democracy is a blend of its traditional values and modern democracy.

All these remarkable achievements are made by hard work and determination of its people. Its active society and professional organizations and government are dedicated to topical issues of environment, gender equality, the role of free press etc. which are indispensable in an open society.

Somaliland wants the international community to respect its democratic choice. Somaliland believes that sovereignty lies in people. It has been a de facto independent country since 1991. It looks forward to its diplomatic recognition by the international community.

On this occasion, and considering the present unstable conditions in the Horn of Africa, Somaliland requests strong support from the European Union and the international community namely; security assistance and economic development aid in order to consolidate Somaliland's peace and its fledging democratic and good governance institutions.

Statement made by Mr. Mohamoud Abdi Daar, Representative of Somaliland, to Conference on “Democracy Promotion: The European Way”, held at the European Parliament in Brussels, from 6 - 7 December 2006.