Nov 23, 2006

Scania: Scanian of the Year 2006

Hundreds turn out to applaud a celebration of Henrik Larsson, world renowned football player, and well-known Scanian, on the Day of the Scanian Flag.

The prize for the “Scanian of the Year” is awarded annually on the Day of the Scanian Flag, and was first organised in 1967. The day and prize is organised by “Stiftelsen Skåneländska Flaggans Dag” [the Organisation of the Day of the Scanian Flag] (SSFD), in cooperation with Swedish radio. The SSFD is a local organisation working to promote the visibility and utilisation of the Scanian flag as a symbol within a regional Europe. Organisers suggest we should consider the flag at home amongst the flags of the European Union, the Flags of the Nordic countries, as well as the other regional and cultural flags of Sweden.

The title of Scanian of the year for 2006 has been awarded to world renowned football player, and well-known Scanian, Henrik Larsson. The organisers recognised his success on both the international stage with the Swedish national team, as well as his achievements at club level. After an illustrious career with some of Europe’s greatest clubs, including Glasgow Celtic and Barcelona, the Scanian of the Year has recently chosen, citing family considerations, to return to his native Scania to finish his career with his hometown club of Helsingborg. As a humble and successful athlete, Mr. Larson was described by the organising committee as a role model for both young and old football supporters as they repeated the famous words of the Glasgow terraces; “there is only one Henrik Larsson”.

The prize was awarded during a star-studded gala on the 15 November, which showcased and rewarded also a number of up and coming local musicians. Well over 300 people turned up to offer the Scanian of the Year a standing ovation, and to applaud his selection. UNPO Member Representative and Presidency Member Göran Hansson was on hand to present the Prize which included, of course, a Scanian Flag.