Nov 16, 2006

Oromo: Ex-MP Exposes Atrocities

Brutal killings by the TPLF regime following protests against 2005 Elections has left a “scar in the minds” of Oromo, claims the former Member of Parliament

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Asmara - An Ex- member of the TPLF regime's parliament, Dr. Getachew Jiggy, stated that a number of innocent civilians killed by the regime for voicing protest against its election fraud last year is not less than 600.

Dr. Getachew told ERI-TV that the Ethiopian Premier's claim regarding the killing of civilians in Addis Ababa alone and covering up the similar acts of brutality in other parts of the country by the Agazi Federal Police is a conspiracy designed to conceal the real character of the regime.

Noting that the Meles is making futile attempts to change the decisions of the three committees that were set up to investigate the killings through intimidation and giving overt and covert directives, Dr. Getachew pointed out that the regime has made some of the investigators its paid agents.

He further stated that western countries like the US were engaged directly or indirectly in the killings and violations of human rights committed by the Agazi police in the Oromia and Amhara regions. Dr. Getachew added that these are countries bear responsibility for the atrocities. Stating that the US Administration had deceived opposition parties to participate in the election, Dr. Getachew underlined that the deaf ear given by the US to the brutal killings by the TPLF regime following the May 2005 Elections has left a scar in the minds of both the Amhara and Oromo ethnic groups.