Nov 01, 2006

Abkhazia: UNPO VIII GA Adopts Resolution on Situation in Abkhazia

A central component of the VIII UNPO General Assembly, held this year in Taipei, Taiwan, from 27 – 29 October, was to facilitate the discussion of specific problems facing UNPO Members, as well as potential strategies for resolving these with the help of UNPO, its Members, and its supporters.

As part of this process, a Session on the final day of proceedings, Sunday 29 October, was dedicated entirely to the presentation and discussion of resolutions submitted by UNPO Members, detailing specific problems faced by their communities, and detailing the steps that might be taken towards a peaceful and equitable solution.

The following resolution was submitted by the delegation from Abkhazia and adopted by the UNPO VIII General Assembly:



Member Resolution

Republic of Abkhazia


The UNPO General Assembly;

Referring to the recent United Nations Security Council Resolution 1716 of 13th of October 2006;

Considering with concern the recent provocative military invasion of the Georgian troops into upper parts of the Kodor Gorge of the Republic of Abkhazia;

Taking into consideration the intensive militarization of the Republic of Georgia and the aggressive rhetoric and propaganda of its government;

Acknowledging the fact that the Georgian side had violated basic agreements, signed between Abkhazia and Georgia under the aegis of the UN;

Considering the consistent refusal of Georgia to sign a Peace Treaty with Abkhazia, giving grounds for the belief that Georgia is preparing for a full scale war against Abkhazia;

Noticing that Georgia’s 13 years of embargoes against Abkhazia has severely affected the fragile process of confidence building measures;


Therefore, we urge The UNPO General Assembly to:

1. Call upon UN, OSCE, EU and all members of the negotiation process between Abkhazia and Georgia, to act as objective observers, giving concrete and adequate responses to the actions of any side leading towards conflict escalation;

2. Urge Georgian authorities to withdraw its military forces from the upper part of Kodor Gorge of Abkhazia;

3. Encourage Georgian authorities to initiate implementation of the Peace Plan, “Key to the future”, as proposed by the Abkhaz side.

[resolution as pdf file]