Apr 22, 2004

South Moluccas: International Peace Keeping Force Needed in Ambon

Appeal to the international community to stop recent indonesian military actions against South Moluccas Islands
To all the world religious and human rights leaders

That is so important to let Your Excellencies know that brutality of Indonesian soldiers are still going on Christian community as follows:

- The Indonesian soldiers did a ‘great action’ in provocating people through the action of firing and bomb and grenade explosion in many places in Ambon, such as: in Batu Gantung area, Mardika village, Karang Panjang village.

- The firing of the church building Nazareth in village Karang Panjang Ambon, in 4.00 in the morning in 28 April 2004. Many church members were guarding the church inside. The soldiers came and offer help to guard the church. Then the people dismissed as they entrust the soldiers to guard the church. But there 6 people congregation members who did not leave the church. These 6 en were threatened and terrorized by the TNI soldiers. Among these 6 men, 4 men escaped, it remained 2 men inside the church. Then the soldiers burned the church, at which these 2 men were caught in the building. Luckily they had a chance to escape and these 2 men are the key witnesses as this brutal action, and their lives are threatened because they are hunted by TNI soldiers to be killed in order ro hide crimes from being noticed.

- Reacting on that brutality, people (church members) went on strike at the local police office (POLDA) hoping that they may meet directly with the ministers who were visiting Maluku. Among these ministers there was the coordinating Minister for politics and security Mr. Hari Sabarno. These ministers held the meeting with local authorities at the airport Patimura Laha Ambon and they strictly came back to Jakarta.

- Among the points of talks between the Minister and local government leaders, the spiritual leaders, the Chairman of MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia / Indonesian Moslem Scholar) suggested the government to put Ambon-Maluku in the program of DOM (Daerah Operasi Militer / Military Operation Area), yet this suggestion was rejected by another leaders: Catholic church leader and Synod leader of Gereja Protestant Maluku and Mr. Hengky Hattu SH. We put this into the deep consideration that military operation programme will really harm Christian community on the one hand and it will really benefit the terrorists/Jihad troop that are sent to Ambon on the other hand. Furtherly, this is the effort to genocide the Maluku/Alifuri ethnic which is the original Maluku people by the Indonesian Government.

- That is important to tell Your Excellencies that in April 22nd 2004 there was an arrest on 6 members of TNI who infiltrate in the housing of Mobile Brigade on the reason of selling Batik. And it is found after the interrogation by POLDA Maluku that these 6 men are KOPASSUS personnel were constructing the strategy to attack. These 6 personnel were indicated to plan attacks to Christian villages, starting by their action tomeasure the strength of local police personnel.

- It is important to tell Your Excellencies that the people/ sympathizers of FKM/RMS who raised the RMS flag had a bad torture. The men from Aboru (Haruku island) were arrested in April 23rd 2004 and the men form Ulath (Saparua Island) were arrested in April 25th 2004. These people were treated so cruelly and their belonging, such as money were stolen. These people are now arrested at the office of Maluku Police headquarter.

- Until this time we send the condition of ambon is still really frightening and it is filled with the explosion of bombs, grenade and mortars and other standard weapons. And the people who become refugee are increasing and it is estimated to reach tens of thousands. Also the dead persons are found are still found here and there.

- In addition, mass media is not fair. They only broadcast the victims of Laskar Jihad Terrorists to public, but the Christians victims are not shown in mass media.

- This bad condition of frighten and terrors also take place in many other islands.

- Bad condition is shown as the offices are not working, the second do not work.

- The government is weakening itself in handling the craziness of Laskar Jihad terrorists.

- Once more we urge that, to solve this problem there should be an international interventional, for the future of Maluku Alifuru people released from the chains of colonialism. We would love to ask Your Excellencies to send Peace Keeping Force here in Ambon Maluku to end up the process of genocide performed by Indonesian government on the one hand and to find the very truth because the Indonesian government is always telling lies about our condition.

- We also ask Your Excellencies to protect these six people who sign the letters, family of Dr. alex Manuputty and Semmy Waileruny, SH, and FKM Sympathizers, FKM staff and the people around the house of Dr. Alex Manuputty (FKM Executive leader).

- We woul love to express our sincere gratitude for Yours Excellencies attention.

Ambon, April 28th 2004


Ruben Huwae – Simon Salja
Jeanisse Y.R. Maada’el – Balthasar Talabessy
Carlos Dorman Latul – Daniel Malawau