Sep 04, 2006

West Balochistan: Condemnation of “Iranian War Games and Military Operation”

The Iranian regime is accused of having started a war game in most parts of the country that are populated by non dominant nationalities the operation is said to continue.
“The Iranian regime has started a war game in most part of the country that are populated by non dominant nationalities starting it from Balochistan in 19 august, where in the recent months the regime performed a military operation, starting from 15 May 2006, and heavily continued for two weeks. The operation continues so far albeit in 'low profile'.

In the last four months, more than 150 Baloch have been killed in checkpoints, at home or have been hanged. In almost 90 % of cases, no charges were brought against them. The last killing happened on 23rd August, the regime's Mersad Special Force attacked a village, Chah Ahmad, near Zahedan the provincial capital city of Ballochistan. They killed two young men in front of women and children as they were forced out of their homes. In the recent months the Iranian regime has been intensifying the killing and assassination of the Baloch people to 'retaliate' the loss of a number of government's civil and military officials killed during an armed encounter with the Baloch resistance movement.

In the meantime, to justify its military operation and continuing repression of the Baloch people, the regime has begun a propaganda against the Baloch resistance accusing them of collaboration with the Western forces in neighboring countries.

The latest War Game which is still ongoing in many parts of Iran. the composition and the size of the Military Game in Balochistan is an indication of the regime's ambition to escalate its oppressive policies against Baloch people, to eliminate the Baloch cultural and social activists and indiscriminate killing of Baloch people.

Whilst the international community and the world media focuses on the regime's uncompromising stance on the nuclear weapons issue, the Islamic regime takes advantage of the crisis to suppress the Baloch people, a nation that collectively has rejected the theocratic regime of Iran and are against its chauvinistic policies.

Balochistan People's Party appeals to the international community not to allow the Iranian regime to use the current nuclear weapons crisis to suppress the Baloch people. We ask the international community to send a fact finding mission to see the persecution, the arrests and the ever increasing executions carried out since the beginning of the recent military operations.

By Nasser Boladai, Spokesperson for Balochistan People's Party”