Apr 16, 2004

Chittagong Hill Tracts: Photo exposition

Photo's of the CHT people and their environment. Provided by Ina Hume
Untitled Document

The photographs in this album have been provided by Ina Hume. She is currently having an exhibition of photography, films, songs, oral history and information on the Hill Tracts at the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum in Bristol. It is called Vanishing Rites-Life and death in the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

I. Hume will be attending the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Peoples in May (New York), where some of here films and photographs will be shown, as part of the exhibitions for the conference.
Hume worked extensively in the Hill Tracts after the signing of the Peace Accord (she carried out relief and development work for CARE and CIDA). She also carried out here MSc thesis in the area shortly before the signing of the Peace Accord.

Contact Ina Hume at: [email protected]
For more information on Ina Humes exposition click here (pdf-file)