Jul 11, 2006

Nagalim: NISC Accepts Invitation to Experience Ground Realities

Naga International Support Center (NISC) said that its members were happy about the invitation of the secretary of the GPRN of the NSCN (K) and said that it accepts the invitation to experience the ground realities in Nagaland
Naga International Support Center (NISC), a Europe based human rights group to support the Naga cause said that its members were happy about the invitation of the secretary of the GPRN of the NSCN (K) and said that it accepts the invitation to experience the ground realities in Nagaland.
It urged the NSCN (K) to arrange all that is needed to get visas and remote area permits.
Issuing statement to Newmai News Network last night through e-mail, NISC said, "As we understand it, if we may have falsely accused the Govt of India naturally for a good understanding we invite you in turn secretary of the NSCN (K) to show us substantially and convincingly where we have gone wrong.

Please also show us why you have entered into a ceasefire with the Govt of India but have not begun peace talks yet? Furthermore the NISC said that it is not against or writing against the NSCN (K) per se, on the contrary the NISC is a human rights organization that supports the right to self determination for all Nagas.

Please Mr. secretary (of the NSCN-K) as we see it, the Govt of India has occupied the Naga Homeland and is thus the nation which should, as it has signed the charter of the UNs in which the right to self determination of all people is enshrined, show us the vision, the objectives and the policies of the NSCN (K) through which that goal is to be achieved? The NISC then stated that since it does not have such written document from organization yet and since it keeps on receiving reports, which because rightly as you say the ground realities are extremely difficult to verify indeed, which tell that you do collaborate with the Assam Rifles and the Armed Forces of India, we find it almost impossible to grasp where you stand.
Now that you say we have falsely accused the Govt of India, though an occupying power, we do invite you to unequivocally share with us why you defend the Govt of India.
Please tell us what is your reason for this is?, asked the NISC. And yes we do deny strongly your accusation too that we are collaborators in unabated killings.
In fact we find that insulting as a human rights organization NISC does not condone any killing amongst people anywhere and we make no exception for Nagas of any background, added the NISC statement.

It said that it abhors and condemns fratricidal killings and appeals to the good sense of all involved to stop this senseless behavior. Not only many lives are lost but also it plays into the hand of the occupying nation, added the NISC. In your cease fire agreement with the Govt of India you have agreed to uphold and protect the law of the land which is nothing but the Constitution of India pure and simple.

In what sense are you standing for the Naga national cause? We do not think anybody can fool the Nagas least the NISC, it asked.

The center then urged the NSCN-K if the latter can send the official text of the ceasefire agreement to the NISC. Lastly the NISC asserted by saying, For you information the NISC is not at the behest of anyone so no Muivah, no Phizo no Khaplang either.
Come forward with your objectives to show that you do take it up for the Naga Peoples and their long wished plight for self determination? So, indeed, please arrange a trip to Nagaland for us secretary, arrange the papers that the Govt of India requires and until today has denied us.