Jul 05, 2006

Ogoni: Mosop Flays Insecurity in Rivers State

The Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People (MOSOP) has flayed the rising insecurity in Rivers State and accused the security agencies of lacking the will to check crime and criminal activities
The Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People (MOSOP) has flayed the rising insecurity in Rivers State and accused the security agencies of lacking the will to check crime and criminal activities.

The movement which rose from a meeting weekend, expressed disappointment that rising security votes of the government of the state was only being matched by rising insecurity.

MOSOP in a statement signed by its Information officer, Mr. Bari-ara Kpalap also warned against threats to lives of their representatives in government, pointing out that if any of their sons has wronged anybody, threat to their lives which was not acceptable to them was not the answer, adding that they would rise up to such threats.

Citing the throwing of explosives into the House of the Finance Commissioner, Mr. Kenneth Kobani last month, MOSOP said prior to the bomb incident, he had recieved several threats to his life and insisted that Ogonis have paid with so much blood in the state that they would not tolerate the killing of any of them again.
"At a time when well-armed security personnel and equipment litter Port Harcourt, there is rising insecurity without any tangible answer to the menace of the criminals that inflict terror and pains on the people.

"Reports available to MOSOP show that there are rising cases of organised crimes, violence and hostage taking in Port Harcourt and other parts of the state. At about 9.30 pm and 2 am on June 30 and July 1 respectively, residents of Ikoku junction and adjoining areas as well as the Amadi flat axis of GRA, all in Port Harcourt were subjected to indiscriminate gunshots for a combined time period of about an hour by unidentified gunmen.

"Unfortunately, armed security operatives in the area were reported to have disappeared upon hearing the gunshots leaving innocent residents at the mercy of the outlaws but shamelessly reappeared when the gun fire had died down and the crminals vanished."

MOSOP condemns this attitude of the security forces, which demonstrates a visible lack of will in implementing a fundamental security responsibility relating to installing and sustaining peace. Such a behaviour in our view can neither build confidence nor secure co-operation of the people, which are vital to the sucess of the campaign for a more peaceful Rivers State", they fumed.

They regretted that the city has become one of the most insecure urban centers in the country while the government seem lost on an appropriate response.
MOSOP also expressed anger that in the attack against Kobani, there were signs that he would be attacked and the security agencies did nothing to protect him, adding that it seems the attempt on him was because of his rising political profile.

"We want to make it clear that the ogoni people have paid enough supreme prices and will dig deeper to unravel the ciurcumstances sorrounding the attack and other similar developments. We passionately therefore, call on the people to rise against the ugly trend, recognising that if we do not act now, when they will come for us, there will be nobody left to respond.

"MOSOP has painfully observed that the dubious unchecked, ever rising increase in the so called security vote in the state budget appears to be a major influence on security in the state, as there seems a deliberate manipulation of the system to heighten insecurity to justify the vote and expenditure, which appear beneficial to only state and security officials", they complained.

They further flayed the dumping of toxic and decaying fishes in Taaba that has caused environmental problems and vowed to resist any repressive activities against their people.